Conferencias 2010 – 2014


  • Maturation assessment system for speech and language therapy based on multilevel PAM and KNN.
    Robles Bykbaev, V. E., López Nores, M., Pazos Arias, J. J. & Arévalo Lucero, D. (2014). In 3rd International Conference on Health and Social Care Information Systems and Technologies. Troia, Portugal : Elsevier. Link: ScienceDirect
  • A new approach based on local binary patterns histogram and fourier descriptors as a support tool in presumptive diagnosis of gastritis
    Serpa-Andrade, L, Robles Bykbaev, V., González-Delgado, L., Guevara-Segarra, G. VI Latin American Conference on Biomedical Engineering, CLAIB 2014; doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-13117-7_99. Paraná, Argentina. Link.
  • A proposal based on color descriptors and Local Binary Patterns Histogram as support tool in presumptive diagnosis of hiatus hernia.
    Serpa-Andrade, L, Robles Bykbaev, V. E., Calle-Ortiz, E., González-Delgado, L., Guevara-Segarra, G. IEEE International Autumn Meeting on Power, Electronics and Computing, ROPEC 2014; doi:10.1109/ROPEC.2014.7036342. Ixtapa, México. Link
  • SA3M: An interactive robot to provide support for the elderly.
    Valencia-Redrovan, D., Gonzalez-Delgado, L., Robles Bykbaev, V. E., Gonzalez-Delgado N., Panzner P. IEEE International Autumn Meeting on Power, Electronics and Computing, ROPEC 2014; doi:10.1109/ROPEC.2014.7036305. Ixtapa, México. Link
  • Cursor control system of a computer by electro-oculographs signs for motor disability.
    Pinos Vélez, E. & Méndez, Xavier (2014). In IEEE Humanitarian Technology Conference – (IHTC); doi:10.1109/IHTC.2014.7147557. Montreal, Canadá. Link
  • Fuzzy controller for automatic microphone gain control in an autonomous support system for elderly
    Gonzalez-Delgado, L., Valencia-Redrovan, D., Robles Bykbaev, V. E., Gonzalez-Delgado, N., Panzner, T. 16th IEEE International Conference on e-Health Networking, Applications and Services, Healthcom 2014; doi:10.1109/HealthCom.2014.7001817. Natal, Brasil. Link


  • Web accessibility in Ecuador: a new approach to implement policies and creation of the first web observatory.
    Ingavélez-Guerra, P., López-Sojos, F., Cabrera-Prieto, P., Robles Bykbaev, V. International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for education, ICTE 2013; doi:10.2495/ICTE130701. WIT Transactions on Information and Communication Technologies. Link


  • An educational approach to generate new tools for education support of children with disabilities.
    Robles Bykbaev, V. E., Pinos-Vélez, E., Ingavélez-Guerra, P. International Conference on e-Education, Entertainment and e-Management, ICEEE 2011; doi:10.1109/ICeEEM.2011.6137847. Jakarta, Indonesia. Link


  • Borda-Based Voting Schemes for Semantic Role Labeling.
    Robles Bykbaev, V. E., Molina, A., Rosso P. 13th International Conference on Text, Speech and Dialogue; doi:10.1007/978-3-642-15760-8_25. Brno, Republica Checa. Link 

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